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#Rules Read Me; Weekly Challenge Rules

Discussion in 'Weekly Challenges' started by rhlpixels, Apr 26, 2017.

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  1. rhlpixels

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    Aug 4, 2015
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    While the weekly challenges are straight forward, here's some guidelines to keep in mind!

    - All entries for the weekly challenges must be started and completed during the week of the challenge.

    - Be respectful. If you want to offer C&C on someone's submission, that's fine, but be respectful. Don't be insulting, be informative.

    - The top 3 winners will get 2CC points per vote. If, however, only one person participates they will get +10CC points to motivate everyone to not let only one person participate.

    - If your entry is NSFW that is fine but please put it in spoiler tags and warn that it is NSFW.

    - Submissions are to be posted at 100% zoom, unless the size limit is below 75x75 pixels, in which you are allowed to post at 200% zoom if you so choose. If you decide to post at 200% zoom, please include a copy of the image at 100% along with it.

    - All weekly challenges will begin and end on Wednesdays.

    happy pixelling my friends!
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