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#SoundEffects DBO Sound Packs 1.0

DBZ! Sounds! Yeah!

  1. LeoV
    sounds from this game.

    extracting was simple, as the only real encryption was in the header files, containing info about the raw data files - names of the sounds, their sizes, their position in the data files, etc.
    using a program like openmpt, i could just drop the data files on it and the sounds were all there for me to listen. extracting sounds like that is really tedious though, so i used a tool that decrypts the header files then uses those to access the raw data ones, saving the files inside them to disk with the proper formats and everything.

    it has some nice sounds in there, despite being a dbz game - last time i checked there's no strongpunch.wav

    here's a mirror on mediafire.

    what i didn't upload:
    - db_bgm: i have no intentions of uploading these songs really, unless anyone wants me to
    have fun, credit isn't required.
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Recent Reviews

  1. AwesTube
    Version: 1.0
    Good pack, but not many of the effects were useful for me.