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#Graphics (GFX) Ainn's Sprite Effects Pack 06/2017

It's June 2017 and I'm still adding things to it.

  1. Chia
    I never would've expected this resource pack to still be updated this many years later. The resources I discover, create and arrange are-- needless to say-- so expansive. When I run low on FLA project files, I'll dedicate time to finding other forms of resources for Flash Sprite Animators. So far, I've already included some utilities that make using Flash easier. I plan to add some simple tutorials and guides to help beginner and intermediate animators reach their goals.


    download__ainn_s_sprite_effects_pack_by_chiaakiyama-d9woccd.png download__ainn_s_sprite_effects_pack_by_chiaakiyama-d9woccd_2.gif
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