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Hey JPG here, and I am happy to bring you guys the third edition to our NGS news! We're still going strong and I am proud to say that this is an exceptional community so far - so kudos to you all!

With that being said, let's get to it! So as of recently, we hosted the 'Challenge Cup #3'! Special thank you to each and every one of you that participated. If you missed out, you needn't worry as 'Challenge Cup #4' is here! You can put your talents - be it spriting or animating - and expand your horizons! Want to sprite? Well how about spriting a 'kawaii' yet spooky witch? Or if you're animating, let's see if you can take the challenge of making 'Tetris' interesting! Check it out now, right here: Challenge Cup #4!

We at NexGen Sprites encourage those who are artistically active to aspire and improve their works. And if those works are recognized for showing such improvement - we'll show it off on our official NexGen sprite pages! If they are really good, fill in a form and send it to one of our administrators! @Vegi6ix
DeviantArt! <<< For pictures and still-framed work!
YouTube! <<< For animations!

Now as one of them, I am proud to announce that the NexGen sprites had an increase in staff! But it's not enough as our DeviantArt page in need of mature moderators who can help out! Are you interested? Well, speak to our administrator about it and see if you're fit for the role! @Vegi6ix Our current goal is to expand our reaches and advertise the forums so we can bring in more people to add to our wonderful community!

And with that, I am done with this hefty post. I am really glad to be a part of this amazing community so take this as a personal thank you to you...
Our website was experiencing an error yesterday and wasn't available for some time. The issue has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In the future when these situations happen please contact myself, @SonyStevo or @YungBlaze.

You can always reach me on my deviantArt. Just PM me and I'll act accordingly.

SonyStevo can be contacted via skype, all the messages go directly to his mobile device so he will see them immediately. His skype: mistah-stevo

Yungblaze can be reached here: yungblaze@nexgensprites.com

Alternatively you can also PM @NΣRO @Lord Saturn if the site is still working. They will forward the message to us.

Generally speaking something big like the site going down, isn't something any of our staff would not know. This is more if you want to reach us and get an update on the situation. Or if you want to ensure it's been brought to our attention.
Hey there! Bringing up good news for this promising month, and we start out with Challenge Cup 3 - be sure to check and pick a challenge! Also, take a look at last month's CC2's Digital Duet winners, congratulations for all those who gave it a try and will participate this month too!

Aside from official stuff, our community is working on several projects! Ever wanted to become a potato? It's obvious you did! In Mashed Up you'll fulfill this dream! Other fangames are also needing feedback and/or members in their developing team, so be sure to check our Collab Room / Projects section if you are interested.
Wanting to learn some new stuff to improve your works? This month we got some new Tutorials for spriting, comics and animation, kudos for everyone who's been helping to build this section!

Thanks to everyone who's been advertising our site, your help is essential to keep our community growing! We've been studing which of our methods are being more effective, and telling us how did you find our community will give us a good notion.

And at last, be sure to join the NGS deviantART and we'll be back soon with more news! See ya!
Our community has been growing strong recently, thanks to the advertising the staff and the members have been making. You can use this topic to tell us how you came across our site (by direct invitation, our deviatART group, etc.), and this way you'll be also helping us to analyze and improve our methods to bring more people to our forums!
#Official Minor Updates #1
Hey guys for those who are interested in having NEXGen on the go, iv recently installed Tapatalk on to the forum. Tapatalk is basically a mobile app that links with the forum to make it easier to engage with your NEXGen account. that means all all PM's replies in your topics, topics you subscribed to will be sent straight to you phone among other features.


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with NEXGen user and pass
Our first month as a forum community has been amazing! Shoutouts to everyone who's been helping us advertise and telling their friends about our new website. Special thanks to Stephen Shorko & @KiidXIII for giving us a huge shoutout on youtube! It's great to see established animators reaching out to the new kids on the block.

With that being said a lot as happened this month! Let's get into some of the big things that have happened & are still going on. We've just finished our first Challenge Cup event and we're currently having a vote for the Top 3 Baesic Pixels. Big thank you to everyone who did submit a challenge, regardless of whether or not it passed or failed you were brave enough to compete. It also means a lot that you sacrificed the time to participate in our first forum event. I look forward to seeing more of our community joining in on Challenge Cup 2, which will award double the points for successful completion!

There also 2 collabs going on currently. Our first animation collab is being hosted by @Koru, it's called Side Kicks Prevail! We also have a Kill La Kill Spriting Collab going on as well.

I'm looking forward to what you guys bring to our forum community with the months to come.
BTW there is an NGS Deviantart make sure you join it!
Wow, feels like it’s been forever since our forums have been up and running! We’re very sorry for disappearing out of the blue! Our old forum on IPB was hacked so we lost everything. However we’re back on Xenforo and working hard on improving things in our forum community.

Part of the reason it took so long to bring the site back was because our staff sat down and thought of ways to keep the place livelier and less generic. Now that there is a solid game plan, things should go a lot more smoothly for us! It’s a bit of a learning process and we really want to make this work so we’ll do our best.

We’re still looking for new staff members, if you’re interested in a position PM me and say a bit about yourself and what you can bring to the table. There are many positions available.

Really glad to be back, hope to have a good time with everyone here.