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Round of congrats to our Challenge Cup 14 winners!


And don't forget to check out our past winners at our HALL OF FAME

And of course Challenge Cup 15 is here, don't forget to check it out, battle your way to our Hall of Fame and get featured in our DA group!
Collab Nexgen Mecha
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So to answer some possible questions. "Won't the clashing styles look really weird?" Probably, but that's just part of the fun. "Can I make my piece transform into other things?" Bet your ass you can!

Along with your segment feel free to choose the main color you'll be using.
a): DivineMorality (Blue) [COMPLETE]
b): Kelax (Red) [COMPLETE]
c): SageHarpuiaJDJ (Green) [COMPLETE]
d): Piraña Sombrero (Black) [COMPLETE]
e): rhlpixels (Yellow) [COMPLETE]
#Official Challenge Cup 15!
Welcome to Challenge Cup 15! Please familiarize yourself with the Challenge Cup Rules before participating. All Challenge Cup submission threads should be made in the CC Stadium

Challenge Cup 14 duration: October 4th, 2016 - November 5th, 2016

This event's challenges are the following.
Sprite Category:

Comic Category:

Top 3 sprites and the Best GIF will be in our Hall of Fame. I look forward to seeing what our community is capable of.

Feel free to ask your questions & leave your comments.
This week we sent SeldomBlood out to interview a fellow talented NGS-er, Zenaki, to pick his brain for wisdom and insight on pixel art and to get a sense of where his pixels come from. Examples of his work can be seen below, please enjoy!

SB: What got you started pixelling?
ZEN: Well, it was around 13 years ago. I was a big Sonic fan and discovered a French website about sprite comics, which introduced me to the wonderful world of sprites and pixels. It had a pretty big community and almost everyone had their own character (made with Sonic edits of course) so I made my own. I had lots of fun recolouring and editing sprites back then, and I made some comics too. Some friends would ask me to sprite their characters and stuff. And as time went on, I realized I enjoyed making sprites a lot more than making comics (I've always been more into drawing than telling stories), so I kept fooling around with MS Paint and ditched sprite comics, and here we are !

SB: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
ZEN: As I mainly do fanarts, I draw inspiration from basically anything I enjoy. Mainly characters from videogames surprisingly, but also movies, TV shows and animation.
As for particular artists : Daniel Oliver (Ahruon/Abysswolf) is obviously a pixel artist I've admired for a stupidly long time for his portrayal of characters and his choice of colours. I've learned so much just by eyeballing his pixels for years. Then, for more mainstream artists, Stanley Lau (Artgerm) always mesmerizes me with the way he draws faces, anatomy, details and shades everything and Patrick Brown for his complex scenes and dynamic poses. With them as inspirations, my works tend to be pretty big with a colour count that goes through the roof as I try to cram a stupid amount of details while still trying to make a readable pixel art piece.
SB: Well damn. To be honest I've only recently discovered Abysswolf and have been jealous of his work seeing as how I...
Introductory blabber
HellooO everyone, Zenaki/Chris/some dude here. Welcome to Beyond the Pixels ! I'm here to walk you through the making of Lady Jecht, and tell you about my work process in general. So please have a seat, grab a snack, have a drink, it may take a bit.

So first and foremost, there's a few things you should know beforehand. I'm an extremely messy guy and the way I work is most probably not the best of ways. And I rarely work with size or colour limitations, if ever, which allows me to get a lot of inspiration from more mainstream artists. My biggest influences are probably Stanley Lau (Artgerm) and Patrick Brown in that regard. And an unhealthy amount of Abysswolf pixel art wise (obviously).

Okay, let's dive right into it !

Making guidelines
Just like when drawing, making guidelines is extremely important. Breaking down what you want into simple shapes helps you figure where things should go and to build the pose you want. Especially if you want something anatomically decent.

When working with size restriction, I just do them in one go.

But more often I just do the face/head first. The face is something that's pretty tricky, has a lot of details to put in basically 1/8th of the body. And it is the part that catches our intention first. And cramming those details into pixel art gets extra tricky for readability issues. That's why I pay more attention to it. Plus, who doesn't like pretty faces ?
So I just put some lines into place till I feel the guidelines for the face are good enough.

Then I do the rest of the anatomy. So basically the size of the sprites is dictated by the face I start with. Which is appalling in itself, but meh. That's why my works tend to be pretty big....
Welcome! If you enjoy seeing steps and processes for pixel arts, look no further, just look below!

So I started with sketching out my base; I did a few quick sketches with a pen and paper to get a general idea down. I wanted to work on shapes and balance with this as it's something I more often than not have always struggled with and the only way to get better at something is to try'n do it! So I did this. Then I said lol this pose is dumb

So, I tweaked the pose. This tweaked pose is what I originally sketched out on paper, idk I why I changed my original plan when I started getting the pose down in pixels haha I came running back to this one anyway.

From there I pixelled his body. It took a while but I wanted to get the body down aight before putting clothes on it. It makes it so much easier to make sure everything is where it should be, making sure everything lines up, making sure the anatomy isn't f***ed up, it's just something I always always do and it's something I highly recommend doing.



These 2D animation courses are completely free for a limited time. You will need an Udemy account, to register the courses obviously.

Visit this link for more detail: http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/?u=4b1d9077cf9d825a4ff3c5265&id=5fbbd504be&e=3489fb7e61
Hey guys, it's JPG here with a belated news update on a particular topic that's important to me. 'RE:Sekai no Kami'! It roughly translates to 'RE:World of God' which is an alternative route by myself to an existing series by my friend 'Datta no Kami (War on God)' - the links for which will be in the description of the video. Here's episode one!

Now, today marks a month since the release of the first episode and I'm not one to shamelessly advertise my own series but the team here has put a lot of effort into it and well, I think I'd want to share it with artists such as yourself. At the bottom of this article is the link to my series' page on this site which will be updated frequently so keep a look out for it! Please check it out and feel free to leave a comment! Peace!

RE:Sekai no Kami Page on NEXGENSprites

Episode 1 of an epic series, made by my man @TheWind
This animation is DOPE! No question about it. A beautifully animated piece, and a great introduction to this soon-to-be series.
With top-notch action sequences and A-Grade animation; this is a MUST SEE!

Huge shout out to @TheWind once again, and if you enjoyed make sure to give him some love by supporting him on YouTube~
Looking forward to future entries!
There is now a PvP system! That is right! Not only do you have the challenge cup but now you can unleash that inner competitive side against your very own hitlist! This is a chance to rack up CC points. However, it doesn't stop there. From a variety of modes within the competitive scene - you now have multiple ways to challenge whomever you desire! Want to tag-team with a bud? Or have an explosive battle royal? Or even go as far as to stake all your CC points? Well, jump on it! Not only does this go to the competitors but even the spectators as you can bet your CC points and go for the win, or go for broke! As a very... thirsty... gambler myself - I completely condone this!

This does not only go out to animation but we also cover Sprites and Comics so you can't ever feel left out! You interested? If you are, good! Make sure you create an 'arena profile' for you to be eligible to participate and read the guidelines for matchmaking and matchbooking as well as the arena guidelines themselves down below. I have no other way to end this article off then with an awkward manner - so see ya'll later... I guess... maybe... stop reading and get on the PvP system dammit!

Arena Guidelines
Matchmaking/Matchbooking Guidelines
Arena Profile Guidelines
Arena Betting Guidelines